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Each year, the Guns-N-Hoses planning committee interviews and selects what we feel would be a great partner to support by providing much needed financial support. This year, we are proud to announce that we have selected FRONT LINE FOUNDATION as our charitable benefactor for the 8th Annual Gun-N-Hoses Hockey Charity Classic event.

The Front Line Foundation began as an attempt to help and support our Fallen Heroes, including Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS, and the Minnesota National Guard. They provide support to those who died while in the line of duty, by giving benefit payments to dependents of fallen first responders.

The fact is, each day, brave men and women face danger defending our families and neighbors in potentially dangerous life-and death-situations – in our very own backyards.

Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and EMS First Responders face armed and dangerous criminals, impaired individuals wielding weapons, even emotionally charged and threatening domestic disputes. They are the Front Line Defenders of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities who face and diffuse the high-risk, frequently appalling situations we know or hear about, with disbelief, on the news.

Unfortunately, men and women who serve us often lack the right safety equipment, need training, and often give their lives as they intervene and save others. That’s why they started the Front Line Foundation.

In addition to providing endowments and support for the families of fallen heroes, The Front Line Foundation will underwrite scholarships and training registration costs for Front Line personnel as well as support preparedness training for safety officers in hospitals, schools, and places of worship.

Further, they assist with the purchase of needed safety and tactical equipment not currently within the budget of the local unit of government.

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